Hard Cover Notebook (AEIOU Studio, Selangor/P. Pinang)

Minimalist in all white themed, this hard cover notebook designed by AEIOU Studio gives the vibe of modern and sophistication at one glance. Using gsm as Hard Cover, this further makes the notebook appear sturdy and professional when given for corporate gifts.


Hard Cover Notebook (Naza Italia, Selangor)

Like their sports car, this beautifully made hard cover notebook from Naza Italia oozes agressiveness and luxurious feeling. This notebook also contains a little of Naza Italia's company profile and also serve as a little brochure for their super car Ferrari 458 Spider.

This notebook is using 1000gsm Hard Cover with 160gsm Special Texture Material as cover. Its inlet pages are using premium cream material.

Hard Cover Notebook (BASF, Selangor)

This simple and straight to the point notebook from BASF (Malaysia) is made with hard covers. The notebook is bound using perfect binding. It also have ribbon placemarker for easy bookmarking on pages.

This notebook is made with 100gsm hard cover with Simili inlets.

Stapler Saddle-Stitch Notebook (Dow AgroSciences, Malaysia)

These notebooks from Dow AgroSciences Malaysia come in different sizes. Rather than being the typical notebooks, their notebooks serve as brochure and guidebook for their termite pesticides. These notebooks are using stapler saddle-stitch as they are less than 100 pages.

Perfect Binding Notebook (Liendak Group of Companies, Selangor/Sarawak)

This notebook from Liendak Group is made simple and neat with professionalism in mind. Using perfect binding, this notebook contains all the vital information; from their companies’ names to their addresses and awards won. Moreover, it also serves as brochure by displaying their building properties and architectural.

This notebook is made with 350gsm cover with Simili as inlets.