Who we are, our company guidelines and what sets us apart from competitors are messages which require constant awareness, updates and reminders. A company notebook provides a great platform to communicate to customers, business partners, press, sales force and employees. Create a notebook that's truly personal – that's the idea behind our customized notebooks.

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At printnotebook.co, we believe that creativity work miraculously with brand marketing. Creativity starts from brand concepts, developed into its brand identity. A good brand should have proper branding elements – and each element carries the brand message such as the company’s profile, or the mission and vision.

Moreover, creativity should serve as marketing tool – conveying the marketing message accurately and precise, with the right audience and timing. The brand marketing message will help you to build public awareness and perception about your products and services.

aeiou studio notebookNotebooks aren’t just a stationary; it may serve as an ‘extended hands’ to your brand. This is because whenever you met a client, the conversation and relation ends after the meeting. However, by gifting notebooks to potential clienteles, they are subconsciously exposed to your brand whenever they are using your notebook. It is because notebooks may contain all your company’s information, including company profile, contact information and slogan. And because of that, they are always aware of your company’s existence - as well as your products and services offered when the time comes that they need the business.

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