“Print on demand has completely changed the way we think about books”

I’m Eileen Gittens

I’m the founder and CEO blurb and I’m

sitting here at blurbs headquarters in


blurp is a creative publishing platform

that enables anyone in the world to make

a proper book a beautiful book designed

by you and it used to be those were just

print only books but now they’re ebooks

Xem them san go tu nhien cam xe va dac diem cua san go cam xe .

– for your iPad and it’s not just a

print replica on the e-book you can also

now include audio and video as well and

you can sell them in our bookstore at

blurb calm and you can make money on

your books as well I started the company

because I’m a photographer when I

started to look into this business of

could I use print-on-demand technology

to produce a book the number one

criteria for me was image quality could

we as a business faithfully reproduce

the intention of the artist whether

you’re a photographer a designer and

architect I mean that work needed to

look ah beautiful right so with that as

a backdrop that was what was the guiding

force behind okay how could I enable

everyone in the world to create a really

beautiful proper book and get it printed

and back in a week’s time and especially

if they only needed one coffee so the

way it works is you design your book

using the tools you upload it and then

what happens is that file in real time

goes to our print facility in Eindhoven

and it’s printed on demand whether it’s


a book the magazine whatever my name is

jung van bar and we’re now in the state

of the art book factory from our PI Paro

in Eindhoven what you see behind me is

that print on the mount book Factory

where they can produce books by just one


one unique printed product what happens

now is that we are in the middle of a

digital revolution and printing on the

mount is a part of this printing on the

Mount is taking over the market from the

older ways of printing because people

won’t need large numbers in one time

they want to have it

tailor-made one by one and printing on

the mount is part of the resolution that

will provide this a book is no longer as

precious of things we used to think of

it you could do it all the time you

could change it tonight if you’re an

architect and you’ve done a new project

and you’ve got a book on file well right

just add the new project to it maybe

edit something old out and you’ve got

your latest and greatest work it’s

always available you can always get it

printed on demand I think it’s

completely changed how we think about

books there used to be permanent you

know you might make it once and maybe

you’d make a second edition God now you

can make an edition a week if you wanted

to it’s fantastic actually