Investing in digital book printing solutions

We can be considered one of the biggest
book printers in Europe.

We produce more than 150 million books.

Today Grafica Veneta
has almost 500 employees.

We actually generate 95%
of our turnover through books.

What we can see is that the number of
orders are becoming bigger and bigger.

The average run that we are printing is
becoming lower and lower every year.

The digital market is certainly
our most important market…

The digital market is certainly
our most important market…

A good run is a few
thousand copies.

We see more and more focus on the customer’s
reducing and controlling inventory…

and the digital technology allows us to
get the same kind of product…

with the possibility of printing runs that
are much lower than what was normally printed.

We have installed two machines to cover the
two markets that we are serving in this moment.

One is the single color market and this market
is satisfied by the ColorStream technology.

This technology lets us offer a single color
product at a price similar to offset.

The other part of the business is
the educational business.

This educational business is mainly full color and
for this business we have chosen the ProStream.

We wanted something similar to offset, something
comparable in quality and paper availability.

The ProStream was the first time we found the product
and technology that can satisfy these two requests.

The customer has accepted this technology and is
looking for new products based on this.

With the new Canon technology,
we’ve only gained new customers.

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We’re very happy with it.

Something that was intended as a support has
actually become something very innovative.

Our customers have noticed
the quality of the system.

The quality is definitely 20–30%
higher than the others.

This has enabled us
to win customers in real time…

and be immediately rewarded.
That’s something that doesn’t happen often.