this is Karen welcome back to our

channel called our house and in this

video I’m going to show you how to print

a Robinson curriculum book or any book

you can print books off of Google hi

you can print books off of Google or

wherever they’re archived is another one where there’s open source so

any book really but I’m gonna show you

how to print a book and bind a book and

easy peasy way cuz we’re all about easy

right yes I’m going to be switching back

and forth between the screen grabber so

you can see what I’m actually doing and

then you know just me okay I’m going to

be pretty good from the RC website so

I’m going to go here to porn able heroes

okay right here so it’s alright this is

one that I need to print and so you pull

it up then you’re going to want to print

it it prints so what you want to do is

do two-sided so here are two decided

even a booklet style this is what’s

gonna print them in the correct order

that you need so make sure you go to

layout booklet style two pages per sheet

and that’s it hit print and you’re done

okay so I’ve got my two books printed

I’ve got Solomon owl and American naval

heroes so before I get started on this


but before I get started on putting the

book together and showing you how I do

that I want to print a nice cover for my

book so I’ve got my nice cardstock here

so the book obviously has like its own

cover when you print it however you know

I’m not gonna stop the printer you know

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I’m busy I got a printing so I don’t

even realize when it’s printing the last

page so this is just easier for me to

separately later on just print a cover

on cardstock versus watching it or

trying to figure out how to not print

that page I like to go to this web page

called Rose gate Harbor and I’ll put the

link in the description below and she

has covers they’re a great resource for

the Robinson curriculum and even if not

there it’s just a great website lots of

great printable books and cover so I’m

like getting a cold as we record this I

get fully on coming on and I can feel it

I’m going down fast all right so let’s

go to 50 famous story no that’s not it

so for naval heroes all right and I’ll

show you on the screen report okay so

here is the website for a row skate

harbor and like I said I need to print

for American naval heroes and I want the

half and here’s my cover so now I’m

going to specifically print this on the

cardstock and do the same for the other

book okay so now I’ve got my nice covers

for Solomon Owl and for naval heroes so

I’ve got my covers and I’ve got my book

and the next thing that I need is just

scissors and this two hole puncher

so let’s move on to the next okay so the

first thing that I’m gonna do is put the

book in order make sure all the pages

are lined up


okay so now it is all cut up as you can

see and I’ve got my cardstock on the

front of it so we’re getting closer just

a couple more steps and then our book

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will be ready now we’ve got to actually

do the binding so I’m going to show you

my easy way to do it okay so the way

we’re gonna do this super simple is just

using the two ring hole puncher and

these prong fastener sets now these are

sold so cheap you can get a box of 100

of these for no really nothing I’ll put

a link in the description below this is

a box of 50 really just a few dollars

that’s it and super affordable way to

make books so I’m just gonna use this

the hole puncher and then this book of

binding tape and that’s it


oh okay so now I’m going to take out my

prong set here and I’m gonna start just

putting them on and seeing what a

terrible shock I did with the hole



this is where I have much to improve

upon and I need a better toss because

it’s not even as much as I try just to

have a little guide I need something

that’s more accurate to measure where

I’m putting the holes so you can just

cut this to make it nice and smooth on

all sides so I might be that you can see

even using the most basic of systems of

making the book more even does a decent

job now it’s the least all same here and

it’s the same here and I’m probably

gonna I’ll do the same thing here but I

just want to show you see even with the

most crudest of methods you can make a

decent book so again I’m just using

scissors I’m giving the book a little

haircut so it’s just even on all sides

and then just one step left okay so the

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last thing is just to use the book tape

on the spine and that kind of hides the

prongs and that’s it

so that is it so we’ve got our book here

and it’s got the book tips it’s bound

it’s using the it’s found using the

prong set it’s not going to tear apart

the pages aren’t gonna tear apart and

then you just have this reinforced book

tape here on the back and it kind of

covers that you now you can write the

book title here there’s like these

silver pens and you know you can make it

fancy however you want

obviously there are much better ways to

do this and you can find all those on

YouTube I’m just showing you how I’m

doing it at the moment I find it really

quick and efficient so in about what

like 45 minutes I have the book in my

hand that I need that’s still quicker

than eBay or Amazon or even printing in

taking it to UPS to have it you know

comb by bound so it is quick and

efficient alright if you like this video

please give it a thumbs up I’m gonna

work on the second book now and then I’m

gonna make lunch you like the question

of the day do you bind your own books do

you print your own books what’s your

favorite method to do it let me know in

the comments below thank you so much for

watching guys we’ll see you in the next

video bye