so I’m sure you’re all familiar with

these I believe they call them books

well even after they’ve been written

down on paper or screened by the author

there’s an intricate process between

that stage and what you hold in your

hands and that’s the magic that happens

in the printing house I personally had

never conceived of how many steps are

involved in printing a book so I took a

little trip to the printing house of

Kent to see how the books are born and I

figured why not take you along with me

so first off to take those words the

author’s slaved away on and print them

onto a massive plate these big blue

sheets you can see here these sheets

then get fed into a machine which prints

them over and over again onto rolls and

rolls of paper seriously there’s a lot

of paper once the words are printed onto

the paper the feet then cuts these down

into more manageable strips and folds

them into sections these sections are

then sent out upon to the binding line

the binding line then drops one of each

section on top of each other to make a

set of two books one going one way one

going the other once all of the sections

have been collected together in comes

the glue and the spine is made and these

are chocolate buttons this is the glue

before it’s melted down if we’re

printing paperbacks all that needs to

happen now is for the books to be

  Future of books and publishing

dropped into and have their edges

trimmed off in order to get those

gorgeous hardback so there’s a few extra

steps waiting to happen

cases have to be made and have titles

printed on the spines before being

filled with all of those gorgeous words

look at those beautiful going books but

there will be no naked books on my watch

so then they need their dust jacket

which is folded on by this machine and

thus that book in your hands is me

all that neat happen now is where those

boots to be lovingly shrink-wrapped and

stacks on depletes to be sent out to

bookstores and warehouses so it’s

Thursday the 6th of October and that can

mean only one thing

books are over give it this week

slippery episode answer I will take your

own some of the biggest and best book

shops in London