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[Music] okay nice to meet you please – welcome to CPI thank you very much I’m here at CPI publishers which produces three million books every single week using around 800 tons of paper behind me here is enough stock to last them less than six hours and we’re here on a journey to see how the future of almost everything will be printed and to learn lessons about the future of publishing [Music] they’re changing the plates and plate printed by laser that’s going to turn at very high speed popping the new plates ultra machine for a new part of a new book to cut by laser they get washed with water which covers the area where which won’t be inked and that leaves the printed area which is slightly greasy which is worthy quietly printing liquid will be pertinent dyes and so on these things will then rotate like crazy see here and twice be parts of books coming out keeping the process going is a gigantic logistical challenge so these rows of paper are supplying the mill at 500 meters every minute and that’s enough to make twenty six thousand parts of a book every hour here we’re looking at several miles of paper which will last less than 15 minutes every 15

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minutes some double-sided tape to be used essentially to stick the end of one roll onto another this whole thing is computer-controlled there’s a lot of intelligence here lots of cameras lots of sensors making sure that every page is perfectly aligned with the whole of the rest of the book and you can see the laser dots here as they come out of the machine just checking everything is absolutely perfect now to keep books being made at this incredible speed you get an interruption anywhere the entire process is paralyzed while we’re running 500 meters per minute of paper into the printing press we’re also having to sort callate cut fold glue the whole thing’s going to happen absolutely perfectly one Jam here and we’re going to have to stop the paper running here it could take quite a while to sort out the mess this has been a fascinating day for me my 17th perk

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I’ve never seen one printed before and it’s just an extraordinary thing to see a words converted from something that’s on a screen which is something I’m just an oddly piece of paper at home which I’m looking for typos on to actually holding a physical book it’s it’s extraordinary and the technology is amazing we’ve been using lithographic offset here which is suitable to print hundreds of thousands or millions of copies at incredible speed but you know we can print books in a run of one using digital processes yes one a copy or to copy or three copies or four in whatever binding or size you like and it can happen in less than a blink of an eye on on different processes different machines that’s where this technology is going for the future but at the moment if you want hundreds of thousands of copies you stick to the processes we have just seen template which spins at incredible speed and all the rest is done by cutting and folding huge sheets of paper assembling them into books and gluing them together until you get the future of almost everything